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What is SkyLine?


Click here to watch a short video about SkyLine.

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SkyLine is a free and friendly online counselling service for young people in Croydon, Sutton or Merton.


  • Provide a safe online space to help you talk about difficult things that you might be facing in your life. We'll allocate you a trained counsellor who will listen and support you, without judgement. 

  • Rather than talking about your problems face to face, you can type them out.

  • Instead of using video like skype, we offer online counselling via private, confidential messages which are sent between you and your counsellor. We also offer ‘live chat sessions’ where you can talk to your counsellor 1-2-1 online at an agreed time once a week. 



  • Sometimes it can be really hard to ask for help. Perhaps you are finding it hard to cope at the moment? Life might feel difficult or overwhelming? You may have lost your confidence or stopped enjoying the things you used to? Perhaps you’ve reached the stage where you feel like you need help, but you’re not sure what to do next...

  • You might feel like counselling is an option, but find the thought of sitting in a room with a counsellor feels a bit daunting? Or perhaps you’re finding that practical things are stopping you, like finding time to make an appointment, trouble arranging childcare or physical issues which make it hard to get out and about.

  • That’s where SkyLine comes in. We believe in giving you a choice about what kind of support you receive, so that you can get things off your chest in your own time, on your own terms. Find out more about how that works here.